Soul Survivor special

June 1, 2018

Soul Survivor will be stopping their summer festivals after 2019. To help us process this massive news, we spoke to Youthscape’s Martin Saunders.


December 2017 Issue

December 8, 2017

When does adolescence stop and what impact does this have on our children? How can we make our youth groups places of inclusion for young people of all socio economic backgrounds? Editor Ruth Jackson is joined by youth workers Beth Resch and Josh Felstead.


November 2017 Issue

November 1, 2017

How do we balance engaging with culture, while being countercultural? What’s the best way to handle badly behaved kids in church? What does all-age worship look like? Ruth and Emily are joined by Sam Donoghue from the Diocese of London to think about some of the big issues in youth and children’s work.


October 2017 Issue

October 3, 2017

How can we encourage the girls in our children's and youth groups? Plus what relevance does the reformation have for teenagers today? We discuss some of these important questions with Ellie Hughes from charity The Riverbank Trust.


September 2017 Issue

August 29, 2017

How do we parent in a digital age? Are marketing techniques getting in the way of our ministry? What is it like being a Christian in school? Editor Ruth Jackson, deputy editor Emily Mitchell and designer Matt Withers discuss all this and more.


July 2017 Issue

June 23, 2017

How do young people maintain their faith when everyone around them seems to be going in a different direction? We are joined this month by an actual young person! 15-year-old Flo shares her experiences and tips about how we can help support Christian children and young people.


June 2017 Issue

May 26, 2017

How do we ensure that there is diversity in our children’s and youth groups? Guvna B joins us to discuss how we can better reflect and reach out to ethnic minorities, as well as how we can engage children and young people in politics.


May 2017 Issue

April 24, 2017

How can we help engage children and young people in church? Youth worker of the year Becca Willet from St Albans, Fulham joins us to discuss some new research from Google and unpack what that means for a younger generation who want to create and not just consume.


April 2017 issue

March 28, 2017

Urban Saint’s Mark Arnold joins Jamie and Ruth to discuss how powerful stories can be for children and young people. Plus, what do we do when our own faith gets shaken? And how can we develop faith in our children and young people?


Episode 3

February 22, 2017

How can we cultivate spiritual practices with our children and young people? Jimmy Dale, the Church of England’s youth evangelism officer joins Ruth and Jamie to discuss prayer, fasting and the Bible.